The library serves as a central hub for all technical resources. Click on any of the below documents or videos to view or download the content you are interested in. Please be aware that the information contained within the files is intended to serve as a guide and should supplement the requisite training and safety measures for ICF construction. We will continue to share updated technical documentation as it becomes available.

pdfASTM E2634

Every major governing body in the US and Canada has approved ICF for commercial and residential building, citing ASTM E2634. Code officials can reference the International Building Code (IBC) Chapters 19 and 26; or the International Residential Code (IRC) Sections R404 and R608 for more detail.

pdfProduct Brochure

This brochure provides an “at a glance” look into insulaform, calling out the most important design details that set the system apart. It also features one of our most recent projects – the rebuild of a coastal residence that was destroyed by Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

pdfProduct Specifications

Panels, ties, and straps Рthe three insulaform  products that work together to meet your project requirements. These specifications detail the technical dimensions of each Insula component and highlight some of the key physical attributes.

Insula How-To, Episode 1: Intro

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