Insula Building Systems offers a 3-component ICF solution. The three products work in tandem to address a wide variety of construction needs while remaining simple and useful. Our patented interlocking design makes assembly stronger and safer than any product on the market, and eliminates the need for temporary wood strapping entirely. For detailed specifications, code compliance, and other product resources, visit the Technical Library.



insulaform is an ICF product of the “knock-down” variety, meaning the panels, ties, and straps come individually and are assembled on-site. They are 12 inches tall, 48 inches long and 2.5 inches thick. This allows for greater flexibility, more compact transport and storage, and less waste. Further, Insula panels are designed to always maintain perfect alignment of tie inserts for easy attachment of finishing materials.

Zero Embedded Plastic

Our panels are one of the only products on the market with absolutely zero plastic embedded within the EPS forms. This makes them easy to cut, lightweight, and recyclable! They are delivered in UV-resistant bags that can be stored outdoors. One worker can easily carry two bags at one time, adding up to 80 square feet of wall. To make things even simpler, insulaform was designed to be reversible and has small inspection slots in the location of every plastic tie. During assembly, walls can be visually inspected from the outside to double check their integrity.

Extra R-Value

R-Value is a measure of temperature transfer resistance. insulaform makes it incredibly easy to increase the insulating value of your structure, and therefore energy efficiency, without the hassle of ordering different parts. Use the exact same panels and the exact same ties and straps to achieve R-Values ranging from R-22 to R-55.



The primary function of ties is to secure two panels together, forming an ICF block, and to hold reinforcing bar in place. Ours are made with high impact polystyrene (HIPS), a tough yet flexible plastic. They come in a variety of widths to accommodate concrete core thicknesses from 6 to 14 inches.

Full Panel Height

Our heavy duty ties run the full height of each panel, boosting the screw holding power and structural integrity. This also makes exterior and interior fastening of finishing materials quick and effective. Each tie is lightly notched across the center so they can easily be split in half as needed using just your hands, without compromising strength.

Rebar Clips

Aside from joining panels together, ties also serve the purpose of holding rebar in place. The clips on our ties are perfectly shaped to easily guide and secure rebar. They have been designed to hold additional panels in place in extra R-Value projects without modification.



The strap is versatile product that pulls the system together. They are 31 ¾ inch plastic extrusions made of rigid PVC that fasten firmly onto the buttons of insulaform panels. They serve to reinforce corners, T-walls, pilasters, etc.

Corner Assembly

ICF builders often cite corners as their greatest concern. The strap helps you navigate these with relative ease. Just use our standard panels, ties, and straps for assembly. No special corner forms are needed.

Joints & Pilasters

Insula straps can be utilized on other complex features of a structure. They are especially handy when encountering mid-wall odd joints, or when constructing pilasters and T-walls.