Prior to the creation of insulaform, we had been building with ICF for over a decade and operated in the construction business for another 30 years. While working on many projects with the most popular ICF systems, we observed the pros and cons of the existing products and decided to design our own that addressed the major shortcomings. After several years of design and fine tuning the insulaform system was born.

Our company mantra is “Simply Useful”

We strive to provide customers with the simplest and most easy-to-use building solutions that are flexible enough to meet dynamic needs. This is reflected in the design of insulaform – an ICF product comprised of just 3 components, that is effective regardless of the complexity of the project. Furthermore, insulaform is the invention of a builder. It is intended to solve the problems that builders face on a daily basis when working with ICF. We truly represent a product that is made “For Builders, By Builders”.

The Insula team has a broad range of experience

Our skillsets complement each other very well and are a perfect fit for the ICF industry, ensuring our customers always receive the highest level of care and support.



The system inventor has been a builder for decades. He devoted countless hours towards the iteration of the final product design based on his on-site experience.



An AutoCAD specialist with extensive engineering experience. Our technician helped turn innovative ideas into physical drawings and specifications.



With a business background, our management maintains a dual focus on short and long-term objectives. This is critical to the sustainable health of Insula.